As one of the largest independent builders’ merchants in North Wales and the Northwest of England, we are excited to expand our business and are thrilled to announce that we are now an official Can-am main dealer.

Our range of vehicles, from powerful ATV’s to versatile Side-by-Sides, redefines adventure on and off the road.

Discover cutting-edge technology, unmatched craftsmanship, and a commitment to pushing boundaries. Explore the world of Thorncliffe and Can-Am combined and elevate your outdoor experiences to new heights.


ATV – Benefits!

Awesome manoeuvrability

ATVs are small with the ability to make nimble movements. Most models are no bigger than 50 inches wide, perfect when facing narrow spaces and extremely tight turns often found on off-road trails.

Wallet friendly

When on a budget, an ATV is the right choice. At its most basic level, an SSV is more costly due to the safety features included in its design.

Compact size

You can take an ATV with you, anywhere you go. No need for large trailers. You can effortlessly set it up in the bed of a pickup truck and store it away just as easily.

Light as a feather

an ATV is lighter in weight than an SSV. This makes all the difference when it comes to the type of turf you plan on riding on.


An ATVs size and design make it easy to hop on and off whereas with an SSV you need to set yourself up before rolling out, a four-wheeler takes no time to get on and get moving.

Side by Side – Benefits!

Cargo and storage space

whilst an ATV can carry its share of a load, SSV’s are designed with compartments all over the vehicle, such as under the seats and in the cargo bed – that’s before any modifications.

Room for friends and family

SSV’s are designed to have more people along for the ride. With its side-by-side seating, it allows for two to three passengers at the front, and depending on the model, a couple more in the back.

Hauling ability

SSV’s have a heavier payload capacity allowing you to carry not only more equipment, but bigger and heavier items.


if you plan on making modifications to your off-road vehicle, the side-by-side vehicle is the way to go. Its design makes it easy to add on more accessories and there is much more of a selection of customisations available.


SSVs are commonly known to have features like a roll cage, seat belts and windscreen that protect riders and passengers from the elements. Plus, you can add on many more safety customisations that match your comfort level.


SSV’s have a car-like design and driving controls making it a comfortable choice that caters to all riders, no matter the skill set or body capability.